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Valley Road Bridge

Mercer County, New Jersey 

Susan R. Bauer, Inc. was awarded the contract to rehabilitate this truss bridge. Built in 1882, The truss bridge (original Bear Tavern Road) was dismantled prior to this contract. It was brought to our shop where it was sand blasted and painted. Inspection of the memebers was done and the truss was put in storgae until it was going to be utlized in a new location. Once the owner picked a new location (Valley Road), the memebers were sent back to our shop where it would be sand blasted, rehabilitated, re-riveted, sand blasted again and painted. These truss members were made shorter, wider, taller and put on a skew to fit the new location. Some of the dimension changes:

  • The original trusses were 16'-0" apart
  • the new trusses are now 31'-0" apart
  • The original trusses were 72'-0" Long
  • the new trusses are now 62'-0" long
  • The original trusses were perpendicular
  • the new trusses are now on a 30 degree skew
  • The original height was 14'-0"
  • The new height was 15'-0"

Susan R. BAuer, inc was also responsible for fabricating the new girders (w36x194 & w36x232), bearings, 4 bar rail, expansion joints and sidewalk.



Bear Tavern Road

memebers in storage


Valley Road



new members of this bridge and old members of this bridge are identified by two different color paints. Lighter color green is older steel. Darker color green is the new steel.


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