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The success of a new or rehab construction project, depends on the talent and dedication of the tradespeople whose job it is to bring the project to life. Susan R. Bauer, Inc. has a clear mission that's been driving its success - and the success of its clients - for years. Our goals can be summed up in one simple statement:

Flexibility, Innovation & Results - for a Lasting Partnership

That's the guiding principle behind Susan R. Bauer, Inc.'s approach to doing business.


With over 35 years of experience in local and state projects, we have earned the enviable reputation of being a dependable, no-nonsense fabricator who consistently delivers rock-solid results.

Customer  Testimonials 

" the shop that can produce products for customers reliably and with the necessary quality and to be able to be the place to go for contractors that need the smaller, oddball, or unusual orders. they have the ability to re-arrange priorities faster than any shop we know of, and they are always a pleasure to deal with."


"Our success on projects is due in part to Susan R. Bauer, Inc.'s ability to preform above and beyond their contractual requirements and our expectations by delivering a quality product consistently ahead of schedule"


"Their knowledge and experience in building steel structures for bridges and bridge repair is second to none."


"We have found them to be highly professional, very diligent, and accurate with all of their work. They also have a very good working relationship with the local agencies and that in itself is a major hurdle for fabricators in the NYC construction market."






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