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:Metalizing, Thermal spray coating (TSC)

Susan R. Bauer, Inc. has the capabilities to apply Thermal Spray Coating (TSC) or metalizing. 

A small but growing number of bridges and bridge components have been metalized for corrosion protection. Metalizing is a process in which electric arc welding equipment is coupled with compressed air to melt and project zinc or aluminum alloy wire onto a steel surface. Correctly applied, metalized coatings show outstanding corrosion protection quality. The metalizing industry highly recommends at least a sealer and often a sealer and finish coat over metalizing. Metalizing requires at least an SSPC SP-10 abrasive blast cleaning and application of 8 to 12 mils of thermal sprayed metal (either zinc or zinc/ aluminum alloy).


Benefits of Metalizing:


  • Up to 3x longer life than Painting
  • Faster application than Painting or Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Possible same day turn around service
  • Current studies have shown that after 10 years exposure, the metalized coatings were given the highest rating of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 vs. painting and galvanizing
  • There is no size limitation
  • Very minimal heat so there is NO distortion of members
  •  Can be painted for aesthetics

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